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ArborViews has been discontinued as a podcast on the ISA website, but the existing interviews will be available through our archives. This series features field experts who offer practical information on a broad range of arboricultural topics that are common in the field.

NameReleasedDescriptionAudio File 
Urban Forestry Research in Europe December 23, 2014 Dr. Cecil Konijnendijk discusses the impact of research on urban forestry policies at a national and European level. Play

Evaluation of Different Shrub Species for Carbon Uptake and Pollution Removal November 26, 2014 Shrubs are more than landscaping decorations in today’s urban environment. Dr. Alessio Fini discusses his study of different species of shrubs that not only help in the uptake of carbon dioxide, but can also remove pollutants from the atmosphere. Play

Why Tree Diseases are so Difficult to Manage October 31, 2014 Dr. Jim Chatfield discusses the problems and inherent differences of treating infectious tree diseases in comparison to insect infestation or non-infectious pathogens. Play

Tree Inventories in Mexico City September 26, 2014 Alicia Chicalo and Jamie Grabinsky discuss the process of conducting a massive inventory of trees in Mexico city and how the information will be used to help that city’s urban forest to thrive. Play

Does Taper Affect Bending Stress at the Base of Branches? August 29, 2014 Dr. Gregg Dahl discusses his research into tree risk assessment and the factors that can lead to branch failure. Play

Are native-species planting mandates good for biodiversity? July 25, 2014 Are well intentioned mandates to plant only native species really a good idea? Dr. Linda Walker Scott discusses finding the right balance in plant selection to strengthen a local eco-system. Play

Emergency Tree Risk Management in NYC June 27, 2014 Matt Wells Director of Tree Preservation for the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation discusses the challenges of managing thousands of trees across a large metropolitan area that has recently faced devastating storms. Play

Hunting Asian Long-horned Beetle (ALB) from a Climber’s Perspective May 30, 2014 Arborist Melissa LeVangie discusses signs and symptoms of Asian Long-horned beetle infestation, what a climber should look out for in identifying an infestation, and how the beetle’s damage to a tree impacts the climber. Play

Conifers for Urban and Community Forests April 25, 2014 Bert Cregg works on expanding the diversity of the urban forestry through increased use of conifers. Learn about the coniferous species that do particularly well in urban environments on this episode of ArborViews. Play

Trees in Challenge Courses and Adventure Parks March 28, 2014 Andreas Detter discusses how ropes courses and ziplines create new forces on trees, loading them in directions they were not naturally accustomed. Learn about species selection and tree-friendly systems for setting up ropes courses on this episode of ArborViews. Play

Why Trees Fall Down February 28, 2014 Karl Niklas discusses the biomechanics behind tree failures and how different factors affect tree or branch structural stability. Learn about the relationship between above and below ground biomass, the consequences of pruning, and how these can serve as contributes to tree failure on this episode of ArborViews. Play

The nature and health connection January 31, 2014 Kathleen Wolf discusses the human response to urban greening, citing the existing data on the benefits of trees and community green spaces. Learn about some of the research currently being conducted on urban greening and its social benefits on this episode of ArborViews. Play


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